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80t wheat flour milling machine with 2 silos of 300T | 80t steel frame wheat flour milling machine

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Workshop and wheat storage:

The workshop is  steel structure.The wheat store is 2 silos,each silo is 300Tons, which have blending wheat function.


Technical level:

Capacity: Processing wheat 80T /24H. The equipment can produce cake flour,bread flour,brown flour,bran.

1 ) Cleaning Technology:

Three sieves,two beating,two removing stone, four magnetic selecting ,one moisture Temper,one spring moisture.This producing line adopts second moisture wheat technology. This increases the toughness of coat and assures the complete of bran.

2) Milling Technology:

Eight Milling,Two Plansifter,One Purifier and Five Detacher,One Flour Checker,Two Bran Finisher. The characteristics of the technology are purifiers with wheat duster, assured more good quality wheat flow into the central mill. Assured flour rate and quality.



The final product


The final product of the wheat flour milling machine is the super fine wheat flour for making bread, cake, biscuits and other delicious food.

Please let us know what final products you want, and then we can design suitbale machines for you.

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