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50t wheat flour milling machine with compact steel structure | 50t wheat flour milling machine made by Jinggu Machinery

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50t wheat flour milling machine possesses a complete flour processing procedures which adopts break system, scratch system, and reduction system to make the flour evenly and completely. So the extraction flour is high, the flour is fine with good color and the gluten is good. 

It can make several sorts of flour. Convey the stock with pneumatic transportation in purifiers, in screen room adopts bucket elevator, the result of dry cleaning the raw wheat is good and the workshop is sanitary.


Grain Cleaning System of 50t wheat flour milling machine

The cleaning system of the 50 ton flour milling plant is designed with three sifter, two scourer, two de-stone, one washer, two magnetic selector, one tempering, so that to ensure the organic impurity and inorganic impurity can be removed completely and effectively from the unprocessed grain materials.

The part of tempering wheat adopts one de-stone and washer, which can make the water be infiltrated into the center if the wheat to make the bran soft and separate the endosperm from the bran easily, and make broken bran less, and improve the extraction flour, at the same time it can improve the color of the flour and lower the ash content.


 Milling System of 50t wheat flour milling machine:

Scratch system and reduction system adopts smooth roller, which can improve the color of flour and precision, and make the broken bran less and lower the ash content, get rid of the broken bran.

The milling section adopts purifier, bran brush, flour checking plan-sift and other auxiliary equipments to improve the flour precision and its color, lower the ash content, and improve the extraction rate and quality of flour.


Findreliable wheat flour mill suppliers. High quality wheat flour making equipment produces high quality. But the price is not everything, reliability, professionality and rich experiences in building flour making machinery are the most important which should be considered first. 

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